You wake up early in the morning, your smartphone is just beside you, you unlock your phone and check if there is any new information it can provide, most of them which are totally irrelevant and unnecessary for you. You see spam-filled emails, rubbish conversations in your school/college groups, some important pdfs. sent by your colleagues some job recommendations and lots and lots of unnecessary stuff. The day has just started and you have already overloaded your mind with 'not-so-relevant' information. Now, you get up and get ready for your daily work, whatever it is, you have seen some messages, some posts and some articles, as soon as you wake up, now your mind is thinking about it. While brushing your teeth you look at yourself in the mirror and compare your life with all your old school/college friends, who are probably having a vacation or having a good time, in general. You ask yourself, why you are the one who is going through this kind of hardship?While everybody is enjoying you are doing a job that you hate just to earn something and stabilize your life. But when will that stability comes, or it is just on its way from last 2-3 years. Suddenly, you feel trapped. And think about it once again, you are actually brushing your teeth and still, you are having a sense of entrapment within you.Well, little did you know that those friends whom you envy, are having the same problems, they are not as much happy as you think they are, and whatever they are doing, posting candid pictures, is just a lie, but you never realized it. Some you stop sabotaging yourself, you move on with those thoughts, you do rest of things and get out of your house reach to the destination, on your way you give thousands of unnecessary input to your brain, you watch that billboard across the road and you see two people arguing over the traffic jam. You hear a lot of sounds, car and motorbikes honking, people shouting, loud sounds, feeble sounds, the sound of your professor yelling at you the sound your boss showing his dominance over you, You smell things, sometimes pleasant, sometimes unbearable. You touch things, objects here and there, you perceive them and think about them or sometimes ignore them. you keep checking your phone during breaks, during boring lectures, during important meetings even while eating and somehow you get habitual to doing it. At the evening, you come home, Exhausted with no amount of energy to do something, that is related to your passion or a hobby, maybe painting, maybe singing playing your favourite game or just anything that gives you the sense that you are alive right now, you are still not gone yet. But unfortunately, you came home with a chunk of your work, a homework, maybe be completing that presentation for tomorrow's meeting, completing that assignment as tomorrow is the last day of submission, With that little amount of energy and that huge amount of courage you managed to that. Yes, it's a huge success, You completed your work, but what now? it's already midnight and you can't even reward yourself now? why? When you were child every time you did something good, your mother used to reward you with huge amount of appraisal and probably sometimes your favourite chocolate  but now you are in your room and nobody saw you doing the work, nobody saw your efforts, nobody appreciated you, but with that little amount of courage that is left now, you give yourself a big round of applause, but that's not quite satisfactory and in the end you fall back again on your bed with those beautiful utopian dreams that you see every day and the cycle repeats.Now here is the good part, If you don't do something about your present situation you will surely face more difficulties in future, work on yourself right now. It is high time that you start looking after yourself for a while. Stop putting stuff that is not needed.  Stop giving this much priority to your phone and the information ( probably the unneeded stuff ), as soon as you wake up. Replace it by doing something good, maybe giving 2 minutes to yourself, think about how you can make this day blissful. Maybe just get up and move your body a little bit or maybe just drink a glass of water or maybe just stand on your balcony and see the sunrise or maybe just do anything except checking your phone.Don't worry ! the rest of the world will wait, give yourself your utmost value respect, affection. Wash your face. Smile to the person who is on the other side of the mirror, maybe give some compliments to that beautiful face of yours. While brushing only think about how your teeth are getting cleaned by this simple object that we call, a brush. Be at present, no need to get anxious over silly things.Wash up,, clean up and have your breakfast, see what you are eating, appreciate the efforts of all those who managed to give you that food. While going out, throughout your day, try to consciously notice that you are breathing because it is a sign. an important sign, that you are alive right now and what could be the biggest and the most wonderful thing than living?Being alive is just like a miracle for you, when you notice that you are breathing, try to embrace it with joy and enthusiasm. You reach to your workplace, greet everybody, with a genuine sense of compassion for them, even greet your Janitor, Who knows somebody might have started their day badly but as long as they see you being so energetic and enthusiastic they may also reciprocate with you. Just with a little effort, now, you have enlightened everybody's day. Do you work or maybe study with joy, tell yourself that whatever you are doing is wonderful.Talk to the people around you,(but don't disturb them) make new people, spend your day by just breathing consciously and embracing everything that you possess in your life.Come home with the sense of gratitude, greet again if you are living with your family and if not, then no worries you can still have gratitude towards yourself, for you reached safely to your home, have gratitude towards your own house as this beautiful place has been providing you with a wonderful shelter for so long. Go out for a walk, it will be a great delight for your body and mind if you spend some time in nature if you just absorb the greenery inside of you. Come home again, avoid watching what is happening in the world, because firstly most of the news channels are showing 100% turd and irrelevant things and secondly you will never find a pint of civilisation in their debates, so better not watch Television. Maybe you can have a very specific and selected new channel or news-paper which only presents you with very positive news. Then, you wanna check some of the important emails and text messages but make sure that you don't dive into those texts, don't identify with them emotionally, have a professional approach towards them. You are still left with ample amount time, chose what you want to do, maybe listen to the music of your favourite genre, Metallica, rock, romantic, jazz, pop, indie just whatever you like. Maybe read a book, more specifically, an autobiography or a novel or a unravel the mysteries by the writings of Sir Arthur Conan Doyal's Sherlock Holmes or you might choose a self-help book, just whatever you like. Do other stuff like painting, sketching, singing, dancing, playing, meditation or maybe writing your own autobiography. and after doing things that are necessary for your mental health, conclude it, think about all the good deeds that you did for others and for yourself. You can call it a day now. Just go back to your bed, sleep with so many pillows around you, cuddle with them , or cuddle with your life partner, maybe before sleeping talk to them and tell how grateful you feel to have them in your life and if you don't have an intimate partner right now(surely, you'll have one in future ), well , you have pillows, practice cuddling with them so that in future you can impress your partners with your cuddling skills. Sleep Well and peacefully for at least eight hours and then REPEAT!Things that are mentioned above might seem too unrealistic to you, and probably your sulking mind, after reading it, is trying to convince you that whatever fuck is written above is not practically possible. Well here is the thing, totally agreed that not everything written there can be done, this euphoric and unrealistic life, probably sounds good in theory but may not be lived by anyone, well that's not true, at least not completely because still there are people around who are genuinely happy with their life and they are not even posting about it , just get some mere likes, because their sense of validation comes from within themselves, not from can try each of the practices for a healthy mind leading to a healthy body.Still not convinced? okay, wait! Just stop what you are doing , stop all your work, get back in your chair, leave your computer or phone or whatever fuck you are using, inhale consciously from your nose and exhale as deep as you can and try to forget about what you were and just keep breathing like this for 1 minute and then continue doing your work !


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