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You wake up early in the morning, your smartphone is just beside you, you unlock your phone and check if there is any new information it can provide, most of them which are totally irrelevant and unnecessary for you. You see spam-filled emails, rubbish conversations in your school/college groups, some important pdfs. sent by your colleagues some job recommendations and lots and lots of unnecessary stuff. The day has just started and you have already overloaded your mind with 'not-so-relevant' information. Now, you get up and get ready for your daily work, whatever it is, you have seen some messages, some posts and some articles, as soon as you wake up, now your mind is thinking about it. While brushing your teeth you look at yourself in the mirror and compare your life with all your old school/college friends, who are probably having a vacation or having a good time, in general. You ask yourself, why you are the one who is going through this kind of hardship?While everybody is…