Naive things we do in our life.

choses naïves que nous faisons dans notre vie

1. Not realising how less time you have.

No this is not an announcement for the outbreak of plague once again, there is no extraterrestrial attack going on. You never realized it, but do you even know that an average human being lives up to 27000 days approx. and if we remove the time we slept, 1000 days almost we are left with 26000 days and also if we exclude the first 10 years of complete "innocence" and next 10 years of academic struggle which counts up to 7000 days so we are left with 2100 days, out of which an average human being with no "purpose" in his life wastes almost the half of these days doing all the unnecessary things. 
If we get more into numbers, then you should know that there are more than 7 billion human beings present in this world, so being an average human being, the value of your presence is 1/7000000000, which is so low that even your existence doesn't even matter. Right now you are just a speck of dirt on the seashore. 
time is so precious and more valuable than money. There is a false notion in your mind that you have got enough time to complete the project you are given or you have enough time to revise for tomorrow's test. You might have heard from your elders that "Tomorrow never comes". Realise it now or you are gonna regret later. Spend your time wisely, doing productive things, making your life better. We know, it's not easy as it sounds, but at least realizing the worth of 'time' in your life and making a move to utilise properly is much better than not doing anything at all.

Since internet data is so much affordable now, people "waste" most of their time in not doing something productive, you already know where we are pointing. We still think that buy a Netflix subscription is pointless if you are just binge watching shows day an night, putting a lot of strain on your eyes, making them weaker. Rather than watching shows on Netflix, reward yourself with them. Do something productive and when you are done, reward yourself with your favourite Netflix show. in order to utilise your time, You must choose the right way to do it, so that you don't completely dissolve into your work. It is completely okay to have fun, but not that much fun, that you completely waste your precious time. 

2. Not knowing your self-worth.

have you ever thought that with some people your image is respectable while with some people you are totally disrespected, maybe in a friendly way, among your friends? With some people, your opinion matters a lot while with another group of people you are not even asked what do you want. These things depend on your first impression with them, The first impression determines your value among them. If its the group of your old friends, and you are the ' Barbarian' of that group you don't stand a chance to have a 'say', in any matter or you may be the one, who gets to be the victim of all the pranks your 'King' friends pull on you. Yes, it's true that your friends love you so much, but it's your own fault that they don't know the limits and boundaries. Over time you learned to be the one who compromises all the time. You may not mind 'compromising' when you want to eat Chinese while they want to eat Italian, It's your fault that you never stood up for yourself. This was one of those ways you completely lose your worth among others and yourself. And for god's sake, it's not your 'generosity'. Do yourself a favour today, on your spare time write down the things you acquire within, that makes you worthy. And if you don't have one, stand up, and get yourself that "thing".
Maybe, In order to gain respect from your colleagues, work your ass off for that portion you always wanted Or maybe if you think that your friends don't respect you like the way you want, then get yourself a new bunch of friends and if you want to keep the old ones than rising above them.

3. Investing more on others than yourself.

until unless you are not paid to look onto someone else's problem, that makes you a professional counsellor or psychiatrist, you should not bother poking your nose into someone else's matter. We always put on emphasis on a very well known quote " Help someone, and they will remember you again in their problems ". The point here is not to become a self-obsessed narcissistic creature, because that is the other extreme of being a "walk-over-me" person. As we have already mentioned before also, excess of everything is bad, so, it is okay to be kind and helpful, but it is not okay to show kindness far from your boundaries. 
You might have noticed that whenever a close friend looks up to you in the position of help, or suggestion or advice, you always have the best solution for them. It's like you always know what is good for them but when it comes to your life, you are drowned in misery and self-loathing and you feel stuck. It feels easy and comfortable to solve their problem but you are out of solutions when we put you in the same situation. When the promotion of your spouse was delayed or cancelled, you somehow know how she must be feeling right now, so you plan a secret vacation on the next weekend to cheer her up but your start-up is falling down you feel frustrated and you have no idea what to do, your judgement is compromised.
So, You wanna invest in yourself, you wanna take a step-ahead towards self-improvement but what seems easy is actually way more difficult than expected. In order to do that, first, learn to treat yourself like you treat others with kindness. Consider yourself as a second person and try to have small talks with yourself, positive ones. Question everything, and try to find those answers which are beneficial for you. Once you start doing it, you will feel the change, you will feel more confident and there will be no one to stop you from achieving something bigger in life.

4. Comparing their Success with yours.

okay, Enough cliche about the optimism related to your success, about the founder of KFC who got success at a very old age, you are not Colonel Sanders, who will wait till he turns sixty and somehow start making the worlds best delicious ' Chicken Wings '. All that matters is where do you stand toow, What is your position in the social hierarchy.
If you are worried enough about yourself by comparing your success with your ex's success then there are two outcomes or consequences, either you are gonna waste your time being  envious or you are gonna get over this fact that they are richer and more successful than you and start working your ass off and reach the highest pinnacle of the success by your own.
Now comes the important part,  Yes, you are in a battlefield and yes there is a war going on right now but the only mistake you are doing right now is that you think this battle, this war is against the whole world, but in reality, it's your own world and your biggest fucking bastard opponent is you ! you are competing with yourself, and to be more precise you are competing with the one who just wants to lay down on the couch, watch T.V or scroll down down his news feed day and night, who just craves for junk food , who never cares about how you are looking and many more like that.
Know that you are doing it wrong when you compare your grades with that cool guy in your classroom. Every day there is a battle going on inside of you now it's up to you whose side do you chose.
So, never ever compare yourself with others until unless you find it amazing to fall into the pitfall of misery.

5. Not listening to yourself.

you never gave up on yourself in one day, the voice inside of you, your eternal guide, people might call it as intuition or gut-feeling or the inner-voice lowered down its sound due to you consistent ignorant attitude towards it. Do you remember the day when your inner-voice was telling you to not to eat that cake because you vowed to yourself that this time you will lose your weight no matter what happens but the craving for that cake over-powered your inner voice?
Do you also remember that you decided to study for your exams and the voice inside of you was telling you to give more time in preparing for the upcoming exam but you ended up playing video games?
People never listen to their own voice that is telling them to do what is right for them because that is the difficult path you would have to choose but ignoring your inner conscience leads to the easy and comfortable path. There is a boss inside of you who has some high values and morals, you keep looking up for you but once you start ignoring it, it will reciprocate you the same. It will shut itself up in the dungeon of isolation. you ignore it, it will ignore you.
So, How do you impress this " moody boss " within you?
Yes, you have to impress this "boss" so that in return it provides you with the strength of decisiveness and a sensible amount of confidence. Take risks and do what seems difficult to you, conquer it.
Impress this boss by accepting the challenge, If you are doing 20 pushups the take the challenge of doing 30. If you studied for 6 hours today then take a challenge and add one more hour the next day. If you wrote 100 words essay today them write 150 words next time. Take the challenge, take some risks that are worth taking. Even Life is a challenge itself, enjoy the difficulties embrace it. You will soon realize that the voice inside of you, decides what's good for you every time. The boss is impressed and your decision and your judgement are not compromised anymore. You will eventually feel confident about your next step.


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