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The hard path to warriorhood

Yes, let's face the harsh truth of life, Life is about suffering and pain. most of the time you feel angry, foolish, heard less, understood less, you are in a state of self-loathing were standing up after the consistent defeat feels like the heaviest work in this world. Days and nights feel worst. You cant face people during days and you can't face yourself during the night, the sound of silence hurts. The voice inside of you shouts at you, keeps reminding you that you are worthless because you lost.
You ran out of weapons, or you war coward so you retreated or maybe you were not t6he night good enough to fight that war. The agony of excuses is all in your mind. You may seem bruiseless from the outside but from the inside, you are wounded deeply. You cannot tell stories about your bravado because everybody knows that you were a failure. Everybody is aware of the fact that you didn't win. The ones who were expecting your victory, you turned their hopes down, you let them d…

Naive things we do in our life.

choses naïves que nous faisons dans notre vie 1. Not realising how less time you have.No this is not an announcement for the outbreak of plague once again, there is no extraterrestrial attack going on. You never realized it, but do you even know that an average human being lives up to 27000 days approx. and if we remove the time we slept, 1000 days almost we are left with 26000 days and also if we exclude the first 10 years of complete "innocence" and next 10 years of academic struggle which counts up to 7000 days so we are left with 2100 days, out of which an average human being with no "purpose" in his life wastes almost the half of these days doing all the unnecessary things.  If we get more into numbers, then you should know that there are more than 7 billion human beings present in this world, so being an average human being, the value of your presence is 1/7000000000, which is so low that even your existence doesn't even matter. Right now you are just a sp…