How important is sleep | The most underrated thing "SLEEP"

The most underrated thing 'Sleep'.

From the perspective of scientific studies and researches, it has been found that people tend to underestimate sleep and take it for granted.

We would like to throw light on the concept of 'circadian rhythm', your natural and biological clock which keeps your body up to date with your sleeping times. It tends to make you stay awake during morning hours and makes you sleep during the night. From the evolutionary point of view, things have changed pretty much since the early ages and that, I would like to call it "Modernisation".
Again to the 'Circadian Rythm', You are supposed to feel sleepy when the sun gets down but due to a complete fu**ed-up 'Modern-Lifestyle', most of us or maybe all of us sleep after late hours ( Reason being work, family, Stress and anxiety, Other Problematic stuff)
The 'Circadian Rythm' of the body works like this, whenever it gets dark ( post evening times ), a hormone 'melatonin' is released in your body which makes you a little less energetic and drowsy.
So basically. what people are doing is that they are going against their body every night. Their body releases cortisol and other sleeping hormones and they tend to resist against what their body is telling them to do, they stay awake till midnight some for legitimate reasons but some just wasting their time in social networking sites ( mostly teenagers ). The night they bargain with their sleeping times, next morning becomes worse. People wake up from tiredness and body aches issues. Their emotional control and self-control go down to the bottom of the sea, They tend to get irritated over small things. This might also affect your relationship with other people.
If you resist the effects of cortisol, if you resist your body's order to you to get a good night sleep, it will release more of that hormone, which is too bad for you as too much cortisol leads to painful headaches and fatigue, so you are ultimately deteriorating your own health. And through years of this resistance, truce against your own body, you get habitual of staying late at night likewise your body, like a strict mother, gives you more dosages of cortisol and eventually gets habitual of doing it, and there, you get a permanently fatigued person, who is very less active and works like a sloth.
people might argue with this, that they sleep for very fewer hours and yet they are doing very fine, the reason behind this is that either what you are working on doesn't need any special amount of brain capacity or significant amount of physical labour or maybe you have just recently have started taking you 'sleep' for granted and gradually you will experience the bad effects of your ' lack of proper sleep ' habit.

Most of the healing, damage repair and anti-ageing hormones are released while you are asleep. Sleep is like a recharge to your body and mind. ask someone who is into fitness, they will probably tell you that 90% of physical fitness depends on your sleep 5% on your diet and 5% on your exercises and body movements and mechanics.

" I am doing great, even after 4-5 hours of sleep per day " kind of stupid people

Well, You might encounter these kinds of people who will brag about their low sleeping hours yet high rates of productivity, a hoax, either they are lying or they just sleep during afternoon hours and do not include that in their sleeping hours. Many studies have suggested that it takes at least 7-8 hours of sleep to get the best results in any kind of productive work and only 1% of this world's whole population can say that they can work efficiently even after 4-5 hours of sleep.

Only for men
DISCLAIMER: The paragraph below is specifically dedicated to  men only, any woman reader might want to ignore reading this   )

So here comes the stuff only related to my bros out there,
Do not underestimate your sleep, It doesn't matter at what age you are, you are a student, working man, father, just whatever role you are into, just do not do this. The reason being, It makes you self-destructive and might not even realise that Those who are seeking better results in their work should just complete their 8 hours of sleep.
It will take at least one week, for your circadian rhythm to get normal, once it gets normal, every morning you will feel alive, energetic and active. Your morning-wood will feel awesome and your other hormones, functions, enzymes and nervous system will get better.
Mythological view:- One of the most forgotten traits of being a man is that you are supposed to be calm in every situation of your life that's what makes you more manly, but the opposite of what is happening in this modern society where men have become more bitchy and less patient.

According to the Ancient Tao concepts of energies, the yin and yang circle, everybody has both of the energies but we men are supposed to harness and forge into 'yang'
we men harness the warm energy of the sun, the masculine energy is associated with "order' and this has been forgotten by many of us.
So let's come to the point, The sun, daylight is associated with us men, while the night time, the darkness is usually associated with the feminine energy ( not to offend anyone, but that's true ).
So you know the latter is more powerful during the night than former so it is better to shut the door of your main 'energy centres' so that less feminine energy sneaks inside of you.
maybe now you are wondering why all man acts bitchy and too much passive aggressive after the night of no sleep.

Also, remember that your body knows what is right for you, so it is better that you maintain a harmonious relationship with your own body and try your best to cooperate with yourself.


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