How to Sleep less than 4 hrs and stay productive

One way to be productive even after  4 hrs of sleep

In my last blog, I talked about the importance of sleep in our day to day life. People might surely raise an argument about their lack of time, their responsibilities and the rush in their life. They might want to find a solution or an alternative of 8 hours of sleep daily.
Well, there is a way to tackle your hectic life without turning your side towards 8-hour sleep.
 Change your food eating style,  that is the solution.
Now the question arises how to do it?.
Well, first of all, invest your time on getting ample knowledge about your dietary requirements, If possible research and probably make a diet chart. Initially, follow that diet chart for a week or two, do as many changes as you can and once you make it perfectly suitable for you, move on to the next step.
change your Chewing habit. the most important habit taught in early primary schools and our elders definitely told us about chewing food properly Crush your food enough to make it soft and slimy right in your mouth. Initially, you will feel uncomfortable while doing it but eventually you will make a good habit out of it.
Why ? the reason is well explained by a very renowned Indian yogi and mystic, very well known as 'Sadhguru'. He mentioned in one of his youtube videos that how he sleeps for 4-5 hrs a day and still remains productive all day.
According to him, your digestive system needs a huge amount of energy to turn your food into simpler molecules. The energy requirements increase with the increase in the size of food particles your intake. Simple science here, make the food particles as small as you can so that your stomach and its neighbouring organs won't need that much amount of energy to digest your food and your energy reservoir will still remain sufficient. This can be referred to as one of the methods of ' Energy saving'.
Rather than just reducing your sleep hours, Chewing properly also helps in preventing other gut-related problems plus it keeps your digestive system in a very good condition.


Power naps and Binaural Beats.

Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla and Alexander Graham Bell were one those visionaries who relied on power naps Whenever they wanted to experience Ureka they took a power nap. If you need a quick ' 'mind refreshment' ( do not do it during the night, as a full good  night sleep  should always be the priority )
Power nap rejuvenates your mind.brings peace and memory sustenance capacity. Try doing some experiments on yourself just to find out what works for you. If you feel tired during day time, try taking a power nap of 15-20 min. if it doesn't work as expected try reducing or increasing the time. Make sure that you keep it less than 1 hour for better results.
Adding Binaural beats can also do wonders in your power naps. The word 'binaural' is related to ears, human ears. Binaural beats are produced when two 'tones' or 'beats' of different frequencies are produced or propagated and heard through your ears, the third tone of a different frequency is produced which resonates with certain brain waves ( alpha-waves, delta waves, theta-waves etc. ).
I will elaborate more about Binaural beats, White noises and brain waves, in some other blog.
Take note, not a huge amount of studies has yet done on the topic of Binaural Beats so it is not completely necessary that it will work with everyone, so it would be better if you just try and find out by yourself whether or not it works for you.


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