The Addiction

One of the severe things in life is an addiction. You might have heard, ‘Excess of everything is bad’ That’s when you realize that you are an addict.  Addiction to sugar, Internet, watching T.V, Porn, Masturbation, Humans, Substances, Studying or way too much studying. You can get addicted to almost anything that can give you a reasonable amount of pleasure. Basically,  Addiction is the repetition of action, despite having harmful effects of it. Addiction tends to progress over time caused by an increase in exposure. Ask one of your friends who is addicted to cigarettes or maybe this “friend” can be replaced by “ you “ or “ yourself”, how do they feel when they abstained from their ‘substance of addiction’ ( Ciggerretes, in this case ), The cravings increase following with the itchiness in their body and sore mouth then lips tend to feel dry and then you light up the cigarette and express gratitude towards it by sucking all the grey and harmful substances in your mouth. In their mind, they know that this is not good for them but still a part of them says “ It gives pleasure, then who cares”.
And Just like that rest of the addicting things present in your life Manipulate you to the point where you feel like your life depends on them. The key aspects of Addiction are Loss of control, complete dependency, Social impairment and Withdrawl. Addiction process follows a vicious cycle that entraps to become a slave of it.
The science of Addiction
It is a cycle which starts with the onset of the initial exposure to the addictive substance, as mentioned earlier it could be anything that has the potential to provide you with some reasonable pleasure. It might seem quite normal when you do it for the first time ( for most of the cases ), the pleasure triggers maybe pulled at the beginning, you feel the ultimate amount of instant gratification and the memory of that pleasure is stored in your brain, this is barely the first stage of the addiction, which is not quite harmful as compared to its following stages. You know you are in the second stage when you start craving for it, the memories of the first time experience keeps poking you to experience it one more time. And you keep doing it again and again because it feels like heaven.


The addictive substance, stimulus ( watching porn, masturbation and Video games  etc.), the addictive person ( their presence ) triggers or activates Nucleus Accumbens ( Located in the forebrain ), This area is associated with the ‘pleasure providers’. The effects of the addicted substance are received by your neurons in your brain in your ventral tegmental area. Here another chemical “ DOPAMINE” is produced, which plays an important role in your addiction. The Dopamine is sent to your Nucleus accumbens Where ‘ Dopamine Receptors ‘ are present which gets flooded by dopamine, While you experience a “high”. The extremity of this “ high’ depends on the person, stimulus and the level of addiction.

      The Tolerance

           A point comes when your dopamine receptors are reduced due to excess use, now you need more amounts of dopamine to achieve the same amount of pleasure experience but the same stimulus won't work, You need a more extreme stimulus this time. This is the exact point of time when your tolerance is increased. Increasing Tolerance causes the addict to increase the dosage in order to achieve the same “high”. In simple words, every time they engage in an addictive act, next time you will need more in terms of quantity and quality. Maybe now you wonder, why you smoke 6 cigarettes a day though you started at 1 per day.
After a long Journey of Addiction, you experience Tolerance, just afterwards you will start to feel the actual devastating effects of it. The experiences caused by drugs and other narcotics substances is not natural, however, your brain produces some of these types of experiences naturally but due to the rapturous behaviour of these unnatural substances which causes insignificantly high levels of pleasure experiences. Basically, you are making fool of your own body, and you already know that it is not good for you.
If you wanna know more about how you can actually take control over yourself wait for the next blog where we will unfold all the major types of addiction and how to overcome it and win this battle with your addiction.


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