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Addiction : Porn and Masturbation


46 years ago, When the Internet came into existence, The expectations were different from what is happening right now, People, then, were delighted by the fact that their next generations won't strive for knowledge, They had a vision that the world will connect in a more rapid way than before, Our genius forefathers could never have predicted what curse they have developed for the generation, that tends to ruin everyone's life. With access to unlimited information and data comes the problem of data that is irrelevant, something that is not needed, Yes you already know, we are talking about pornographic materials.  every second or third teenager once in their life were ex[posed to the pleasure brought by this totally unrealistic and non- viable material. If you ignore that fact what is happening in that 10-minute video and ignore how it gives you pleasure, think rationally, there are only coloured pixels, there is no actual person there, to provid…

Meditation and Mindfulness

Mindfulness As quoted by Jon Kabat-Zinn: "Mindfulness is paying attention in a particular way; on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgementally." in the book "Wherever You Go, There You Are ". You might be thinking that mindfulness is a very big thing to achieve and you might also wonder that, people who are saints and mystics, only they can achieve the state of mindfulness. Well, that's not true! You experience mindfulness on a daily basis without even realizing that. When you are binge-watching a show on Netflix, don't you feel like you are a part of that series/movies that you are watching? You are so into that, You don't even listen to the person who is sitting next to you. This might also happen when you are reading an interesting book or maybe some of you may feel amazing while reading your textbooks. When you get completely engaged with whatever task you are doing so that nothing can distract you, your brain releases a certain frequency of …


The Addiction One of the severe things in life is an addiction. You might have heard, ‘Excess of everything is bad’ That’s when you realize that you are an addict. Addiction to sugar, Internet, watching T.V, Porn, Masturbation, Humans, Substances, Studying or way too much studying. You can get addicted to almost anything that can give you a reasonable amount of pleasure. Basically,  Addiction is the repetition of action, despite having harmful effects of it. Addiction tends to progress over time caused by an increase in exposure. Ask one of your friends who is addicted to cigarettes or maybe this “friend” can be replaced by “ you “ or “ yourself”, how do they feel when they abstained from their ‘substance of addiction’ ( Ciggerretes, in this case ), The cravings increase following with the itchiness in their body and sore mouth then lips tend to feel dry and then you light up the cigarette and express gratitude towards it by sucking all the grey and harmful substances in your mouth. I…

Anger, frustration, irritation, anxiety and self-destructive thoughts.

Dealing with Negative Thoughts One of the most important things you will learn in your life is that nothing can work according to you and nothing is perfect and it is completely okay to not to be perfect. One day your day will go like " it is the best day of my life " and other days it will be like " It is the worst day of my life ". All you want to make sure is that you balance between the negative things and positive things. Ever experienced a moment where you are boiling from top to bottom on someone who is not even present in front of you. Think about the most annoying person acquainted to you and try to remind yourself how many times they pissed you off. Well someone who is already annoying deserves your hatred !! ( not really, just kidding . everybody deserves to loved ) okay now I want you to imagine a situation where you are waiting for someone, maybe its a date or maybe its an important meeting or maybe you are getting late for your trip and your partner…

How to Sleep less than 4 hrs and stay productive

One way to be productive even after  4 hrs of sleep
In my last blog, I talked about the importance of sleep in our day to day life. People might surely raise an argument about their lack of time, their responsibilities and the rush in their life. They might want to find a solution or an alternative of 8 hours of sleep daily. Well, there is a way to tackle your hectic life without turning your side towards 8-hour sleep.  Change your food eating style,  that is the solution. Now the question arises how to do it?. Well, first of all, invest your time on getting ample knowledge about your dietary requirements, If possible research and probably make a diet chart. Initially, follow that diet chart for a week or two, do as many changes as you can and once you make it perfectly suitable for you, move on to the next step. change your Chewing habit. the most important habit taught in early primary schools and our elders definitely told us about chewing food properlyCrush your food enough to make it s…

How important is sleep | The most underrated thing "SLEEP"

The most underrated thing 'Sleep'.
From the perspective of scientific studies and researches, it has been found that people tend to underestimate sleep and take it for granted.
We would like to throw light on the concept of 'circadian rhythm', your natural and biological clock which keeps your body up to date with your sleeping times. It tends to make you stay awake during morning hours and makes you sleep during the night. From the evolutionary point of view, things have changed pretty much since the early ages and that, I would like to call it "Modernisation". Again to the 'Circadian Rythm', You are supposed to feel sleepy when the sun gets down but due to a complete fu**ed-up 'Modern-Lifestyle', most of us or maybe all of us sleep after late hours ( Reason being work, family, Stress and anxiety, Other Problematic stuff) The 'Circadian Rythm' of the body works like this, whenever it gets dark ( post evening times ), a hormone 'melato…